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Stauffer & Sons in American Express OPEN
Today, American Express ran a story called “The Big Purchase That Helped These Construction Businesses Grow” and we were happy to contribute our story. Construction equipment, as you might guess, is quite expensive, and it’s usually a major step for a small company to start making equipment purchases. Since we’re a General Contractor, we rarely have to buy large equipment, but… Read More

How Stuff Works Online
Have you ever visited It’s a great website full of information with questions and answers on, well, how stuff works. Today, they published an article on how you can build homes with materials you find in nature. Andy Stauffer was quoted in it, and talked about the home we’re building that’s going to be using natural materials such as river rock… Read More

CS Business Journal
The CS Business Journal just ran a story on a home we’re building this year: a luxury home behind the Broadmoor Hotel we’re calling “The Overlook Retreat.” The home is being built on a lot in an historic neighborhood called “The Overlook Colony.” The original house was built in 1913, but burned down in 2003 and the land has sat vacant ever since. We bought the land last year and… Read More